UltraDiagnostics is an early-stage, privately funded company focused on bringing to market a breakthrough in medical ultrasound, the ability to effectively image through bone via our patented Shear Mode Trans-Osteal Ultrasound technology (SMTUSTM). Our products will tap into the tremendous latent demand for diagnostic imaging that results from the high cost and inaccessibility of the major imaging modalities (CT and MRI) in point-of-care practice settings in the U.S. (e.g. ED/ICU), as well as other specialty practices and international markets.

   SMTUSTM products offer a compelling clinical and financial value proposition for various practice settings. SMTUSTM accrues all the advantages of traditional ultrasound over other imaging modalities (e.g. low cost, portability, speed) and opens the door to numerous new applications for ultrasound diagnosis and monitoring. SMTUSTM will allow many critical trans-bone diagnostic questions to be answered in clinical settings where computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are not immediately available or practical. In particular, the Acute care and Critical care settings (ED/ICU/CCU) represent large, attractive clinical markets where bedside ultrasound imaging is gaining momentum as a fast and effective alternative to CT/MRI for numerous point-of care diagnostic applications.

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